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Hedging Solution

Identify Currency Risks

Clearly visualize your organization's exposures.

HedgeWiz turns simple inputs into a tailored report of where your organization has foreign currency exposures. By layering cashflows and balance sheet inputs, HedgeWiz provides unparalleled visibility into the company's currency exposures for the months and years to come. In seeing the visualized currency flows financial managers are equipped to inform and act on their exposures.

Knowing exactly where and to what extent your organization has currency exposures is a critical part of financial management and reporting. HedgeWiz crystallizes where risks are for managers and other stakeholders.

See Hedging Strategies

Choose which strategy matches your organization

HedgeWiz shows different hedging alternatives to address company's currency exposures. The HedgeWiz provides a clear hedging solution that is tailored for each organization but enables easy adaptations to add policy customization based on financial managers particular needs. A simple interface enables financial managers to fine-tune their hedging strategies online: control your hedging timeline, select the currencies and flows to hedge, the proportions to hedge, the benchmark rates and many more.

See a host of hedging strategies that can neutralize your organization's specific currency exposures.

Execute Your Hedging Plan

Move from knowing to neutralizing risks in a click.

Execute your hedging strategy seamlessly and continuously. HedgeWize integrates seamlessly with your bank and a host of other foreign exchange providers so you can implement the strategy you've chosen easily. HedgeWiz ensures your plan is executed immediately and continuously without the need for an time-consuming external paperwork and explanations.

Executing your hedging plan simply, continuously and affordably through HedgeWiz makes sure you can focus on your business, not currency fluctuations.

Currency Reporting & Analytics

Review & share foreign exchange hedging results.

Get unparalleled clarity into your finances and the impact of currencies on your business. Dynamic and periodic reporting lets you communicate how your organization is using hedging strategies to neutralizing risks and bringing stability to business operations.

Hedging reports and analytics empower your entire organization to focus on business and neutralize forex exposures.

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