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About HedgeWiz

Delivering Financial Stability to Global Businesses

We partner with financial business leaders to help them grow cross border, without foreign currency disruption.

The industry's financial leaders trust HedgeWiz to manage currency risk so they can focus on their business. Our technology is used by the largest corporations world wide because it is both robust and intuitive. Our currency risk management solution is simply helpful. Our professional support team are knowledgeable and available to ensure your organization is aware of, and neutralizes, its forex currency exposures.

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About us

HedgeWiz was born out of a need to fill a solution that no banker could provide: simple, tailored hedging solutions. We understand that the primary reason businesses don't hedge their foreign exchange risks is because traditional had lots of bureaucracy and complexity. And, as a result, many businesses have suffered needless financial disruption. HedgeWiz provides a simply robust solution for cross-border businesses to manage currency risks.

Our team of dedicated financial modelers, technologists and professional services partner are dedicated to providing a complete and intuitive solution for international business managers. Our mission is to make it easy to understand and manage the currency risks in building global businesses.

The HedgeWiz solution is designed by risk management experts with decades of experience hedging currencies for private and public companies. The solution is the result of analyzing forex risks and tailor-making hedging policies for hundreds of clients and for hundreds of millions of dollars. Our longstanding relationships with the 'Big 4' international accounting firms enables us to provide highly effective hedging strategies recognized by international accounting standards.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Our Commitment

Provide an intuitive, professional and complete hedging solution to financial managers to identify and neutralize foreign currency risks.

The most advanced hedging capabilities
HedgeWiz's professional modelling team are continuously improving our hedging models to reflect the market realities and the needs of our customers. The solution reflects the best-in-class hedging solution as used to hedge hundreds of millions of Sterling. We are committed to continue to raise the bar and level of financial excellence we deliver our clientele.
Simple to use and start reaping benefits
We understand that financial professionals are managing complex businesses and want to manage their currency exposures professionally and efficiently. The HedgeWiz platform is designed to deliver tailored hedging solutions in 30 minutes. Our mission is to keep our solution as an enabler of business growth: enormously powerful, but remarkably simple to use and benefit from.
Backed with professional service and advisers
Our team have spent years with clients to understand their hedging considerations. Accordingly, we understand that each business has its nuances and that each financial leader has different approaches. Our professional service and advisory team is available to support our clients as they set up and execute their hedging policies.

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